Cute pictures
of goats and
cool quotes.


All goats are equal, but some goats
are more equal than others.

Goat Orwell

The beauty of goats must
be seen from in their eyes,
because that is the doorway
to their hearts, the places
where love resides.

Audrey Goatburn

You can get much
farther with a kind
word and goats than
you can with a kind
word alone.

Goat Capone

I just want to have the
nice and happy goats.

Goatlando Bloom

Without goats,
everything else
means nothing.

Mary Goat Blige

Good goats
are good goats,
and everything
else can go
to hell.

Dave Goatthews

Goats like to be kissed.

Goat Stewart

Look up at the goats
and not down at your
feet. Be curious.

Goathen Hawking

My love for goats is
so great, that if all
the leaves on all the
trees were tongues,
they could not
declare it.

Goatcob Grimm

Always remember,
it is not an adventure
worth telling if
there aren't any

J. R. R. Goatkien

Goats are always
a paramount
concern for us.

Gabrielle Goateris

What I do like about
goats is that, for me,
they are a substitute
for the psychiatrist's

Goatti Page